>PBT’s Day at the Draft


Sports Illustrated, Don’t believe us? click it!

Click READ MORE for all the pictures

JJ loves everything about Steve Nash, he likes him, this much.
New Writer Josh Levin was a little chilly in his hoodie

Brandon Jennings signing autographs for the kids

Birds eye view of the outdoor festivities

On the podcast, this is how we roll…

Doug Gottliee straighten that tie homey
Chris Mullin always has a flat top
Brandon Jennings talking to the crowd, informing us about the trade
Looks like JJ will be coming back to Newark after all.
Ric Bucher texting away his life
Marshon Brooks, only one wearing a tie that I saw

Probably best photo on here…wait i am lying


Craig Sager looking normal

 Steve Fisher, hanging out

Tom Penn

Celtics 2nd Round Selection

JJ was invited to the Kanter section but ultimately choose Vesely’s party

Winding down, awesome dudes, better shirts, NBA Draft

Marshon Brooks now wearing a different hat…and angry

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