>The Stuart Scott Gatorade Incident and More

As all twelve of our regular readers are well aware, the PBT crew and I were in attendance last night at the 2011 NBA Draft in Newark, NJ. A great time was had by all and we were in full effect getting some solid exposure for the site all throughout the event. Towards the end of the night, something odd occurred that really stood out to me. It has to do with a certain ESPN host and a very specific way he must enjoy his beverages.

The Stuart Scott Gatorade Incident
As the draft was winding down, and only a few picks remained, Stuart Scott was deservedly a tad bit tired, a little worn down and apparently thirsty. And what better way to replenish your energy after a long night of pronouncing tough foreign last names and forcing hip hop jargin, than a nice cold electrolyte filled Gatorade? Scott was handed a purple “G” (I believe the flavor to be “Riptide Rush”) of the normal size from an older stage hand guy with gray hair. Scott acknowledged the drink in his presence, but scoffed at it’s inferior existence. He made a hand gesture with his thumb and forefinger on the bottle that specified a certain amount of the beverage at the top of the drink, then gave the Gatorade back to the man. As it appears, Stuart Scott will not drink from a full Gatorade. He wanted a little liquid dumped out before even considering sipping the beverage.

The gray-haired stage hand was clearly too busy of a man to accommodate Stu’s outrageous request, and he apparently handed the task over to a poor woman who now had to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, she was not brought 100 percent up to speed, considering she approached Scott with a red Gatorade… completely full. Again, Stu accepts the drink, glares at it completely lost in confusion for a solid 10 seconds, and then hands it back providing the same hand signal an exchanging a couple words with the lady. She storms off with the unaccepted Gatorade now visibly heated with Scott’s antics. I, from four rows back, decide to inappropriately yell out, “next time get the Gatorade right!” Which threw her into an even more intense rage as she stormed off.

Finally, the gray haired man realizes that this is simply a job that only he is going to be able to accomplish. He grabs the new red Gatorade brought to the party by the female stage hand, and thinks for a bit. He eventually decides to just dump some of the Gatorade off of the side of the stage, and places a half empty bottle of Gatorade next to Stuart Scott. All of this trouble because the man refused to drink from a full container. And to tell you the truth, I stayed until the last man (Isiah Thomas) was picked. Stuart Scott never took a sip out of that Gatorade.

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Stuart Scott Leg Rub (see video)
Not that I was eyeballing (wrong word choice?) Stuart Scott the whole night, but there was another odd moment surrounding him. During a commercial Scott started rubbing his knee area vigorously. I understand this. He’s been sitting for a while, his leg must have fallen asleep. But about a full minute later he’s still rubbing that knee, so I lean over to Josh Levine, our newest writer, and point it out to him. At this point we’re both watching and he goes at it for about another minute or so hitting some other parts of his leg as well. I don’t really know what this says about the guy but it was just weird.

Jan Vesely Sucking Face
You’ve probably seen this everywhere already by now but I can’t not post it. Good for this kid. He’s got a hot girlfriend and he got drafted with a high pick in the first round. Just the perfect act to show everyone his life is better than theirs. Well done Jan, I look forward to more from you (and the misses) in the future.

Jay Bilas: “VERY LONG!”
With all the hub-bub about the “wingspan drinking game” and the overuse of that term by Bilas and the other analysts, a few of us around our area started noticing how long the arms of Jay Bilas himself were. At one point, a kid yelled out to Jay, “Hey! How’s your wingspan?” You couldn’t hear what he replied with, but you could quite easily read his lips. “VERY LONG,” he said. Let’s hope he was still talking about wingspan.

Adam Silver Worship
One of the best things about being at a draft is getting to boo David Stern during the first round and cheer Adam Silver during the second. Silver has acquired a quirky cult following among draft-goers which lead to chants of “A-DAM SIL-VER” and a sign with a picture of the man with a body drawn under it captioned “Sexy Silver”.

“Larry Hughes? Really?”
The kid who got the hilarious response from Bilas was also able to grab the attention of Jon Barry to show him a Larry Hughes Cavs jersey which lead to the Barry response above.

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