>CP3 Publicly ‘Respects’ D West’s Decision to Opt Out


Yes! An opportunity to talk about David West under a negatively spun light! I’ve been waiting for this ever since 2007-2008 when he was dubbed “the most underrated player in the NBA” by… well everyone. He went on to play in two all-star games (for the record, if you make an all-star team you’re being “rated” pretty high) because of this chatter, when in actuality the only three things in his skill-set are decent rebounding ability, a consistent 18-footer and being on Chris Paul’s team. He went from being the most underrated player in the NBA to by far the most overrated. West recently opted out of the last year of his contract with the Hornets, but this post isn’t about that. I don’t blame him for doing this. New Orleans is swirling down the toilet and it is bound to get worse. Especially with the foreshadowing Chris Paul provided us on the topic of West.

New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul, one of the team’s co-captains with long-time teammate David West, affirmed his affection for West and said he “respects” West’s decision to opt out of the final year of his contract.

“D. West is like a brother to me,” Paul said in a text message, “and I respect the fact that he made a decision that he believes in the best interests of himself and his family.”

Paul, a four-time NBA All-Star, hasn’t yet responded to a query about how West’s decision might affect his future in New Orleans.


So CP3 publicly (extra emphasis on that part of it) respects West’s decision to opt out of his deal and move on. If West is like a brother to him and the second best player on his team, why would Paul publicly (there’s that word again) come out and support the large percentage chance that West will leave the squad? I’ll tell you why, because Chris Paul is planning to do the same exact thing next year, and won’t be with the team long term anyway. What better way to prepare the fans of New Orleans for having a LeBronpulled on them than to come out and say, “It’s OK to do this,” about a teammate pulling a similar move?

Paul’s contract expires at the end of this season, and before last season, he made a toast that, serious or not, spoke volumes about Paul’s intentions when it comes to free agency. He sees what LeBron and Bosh did to unite with Dwyane Wade in Miami and win the Eastern Conference the same year. He also realizes that coming into the league two years behind them means that two years later, he falls into the same situation, and can now do the same exact thing. Will he unite with Stoudemire and Anthony in New York like he planned in his MeloLaLa wedding toast? It’s possible. When Paul becomes a free agent at the end of this upcoming season, of the Knicks current roster they will have only their dynamic duo and Renaldo Balkman under contract. You have to assume Landry Fields will be extended as well, but not for enough to deter them from snagging Paul.

Let’s face it, the guy is leaving New Orleans. Will he handle the situation better than LeBronJames did? He already is. At least he’s giving New Orleans clues. First the toast and now this little hint with West’s departure. Surely, he won’t put on a spectacle like ‘The Decision’, because despite him being the best point guard in the NBA (sorry, Mr. MVP), he doesn’t have the star power. Sure, New Orleans fans will hate him regardless of how he leaves, but it will be important for him to do so with more grace than James in order to preserve his image with the rest of the basketball world. Bottom line: New Orleans better not say they never saw it coming.

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