>The NBA Lockout, In a Nutshell


Since doomsday is approaching and Larry Coon joins us tomorrow, we decided to give you a little education on the main issues with the NBA labor talks.  I actually hate saying Labor because it sounds like no one likes his job in the league.   The time of night that I am up preparing this for tomorrow’s morning will also contribute to my not beating around the bush and giving you the facts of the Lockout disputes.
NBA Lockout Issues

-22 teams are losing money, combined for $340 Million Dollars.
-Wants flex salary cap, with a maximum of $62 Million (only 8 teams are under this figure now: Wizards, Nets, Thunder, Bulls, Twilves, Cavs, Clippers and Kings)
-Owners want Salaries cut by $8 Billion over 10 years
-Want to remove guaranteed contracts or lower the amount of years for a guaranteed contract, also lowering years on max salaries
-Favoring a BRI (basketball related income) that is more in their favor and/or trying to change the calculation of BRI
-Owners do not favor the Revenue Sharing proposal to help smaller market teams
-Offered $500 million cut over next five years which owners rejected
-Not in favor of a hard cap, limits the players salary grow
-Fighting the contract length proposal by the owners
-Doesn’t want any changes, wants to continue business as usual
-Proposing a Revenue Sharing plan to help small market teams

Another argument that I haven’t heard much of but suspect is clearly the Personal Conduct section with many incidents occurred this season.  Until I actually hear some of the discussions coming out of the meetings, it is all speculation on my part but knowing the history of David Stern’s regime, they continuously have tried to dictate how players dress, talk and act.
Now we understand the issues at hand, if they come to an agreement than we do not need to read further.  Like most people I am skeptical an agreement will occur before the next season would start.  The owners and players will play cat and mouse with the judicial system of America and below I will give you to the best of my knowledge what each sides options are.
Options for Both Parties

(1) Sign a new agreement!
(2) Lock the players out (shut down facilities and operations)
(3) Impasse to impose last, best offer (the owners say either accept this with the union or leave it and dissolve the union)
(4) File a declaratory action (asking the court to declare the continued rules don’t break anti-trust laws, basically asking the judge to rule before a court hearing)
(1) Sign a new agreement!
(2) Strike (refuse to play)
(3) Decertification (dissolve the union)
a.     Anti-trust laws(class action lawsuit)
This is basically where my knowledge stops at this late in the night.  I don’t know how lawyers can read this stuff at this hour, not in their right minds.  I always applauded them and now can see why their fees are so ridiculous.   The league and union will definitely get their monies worth come July 1st, as many believe this will be a long grueling process.

PROJECTIONS: Charles Barkley appeared on Dan Patrick’s show on FOX Sports and predicted the lockout will wipe out the entire 2011-12 season. Even those with brighter forecasts don’t expect the season to start until after Christmas.

If you have any questions, write them down in the comment section and I will try to answer them, or have Larry Coon, Brian Geltzeiler and other experts on the matter take a stab at your questions.  Remember, Podcast today.

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