>On the team with PBT – Indiana Pacers

> The Indiana Pacers had a very injury prone 2009-2010 season.  With first round draft pick Tyler Hansbrough suffering a season ending injury, as well as, Foster, Granger, and TJ Ford. The Pacers finished with a 32-50 record and a very long and boring season.  With their star, Granger,  getting injured the past two years, … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Sacramento Kings

> The 2009/2010 Sacramento Kings season was the first year of rebuilding with a new coach and a new star player.  The Kings finished with a 25-57 record for third worse in the league with their young team.  They hired Paul Westphal to man the bench in June 2009. The Kings moved their final piece … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Charlotte Bobcats

> The 2009/2010 NBA season was an historic one for the young franchise of the Charlotte Bobcats.  The season got excited before it even started with Majority owner Robert Johnson was putting the team up for sale, in which it was sold to Michael Jordan for $275 million on March 17th, 2010.  The Bobcats made … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Detriot Pistons

> The 2009-2010 season was one the Detroit Pistons wish they could forget winning only 33% of their games for a 27-55 record.  This was the first year the Pistons failed to make the playoffs since their 5 straight Eastern Conference Final appearances.  Last year was the start of the rebuild, while this past season … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Los Angeles Clippers

> The 2009-2010 Los Angeles Clippers season ended before it started.  They finished with a 29 – 53 record. The first overall draft pick, Blake Griffin, never got to play a regular season game.   The Clippers traded a cancer Zach Randolph to pave way for a new era.  Awkwardly Randolph had a better season than … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Cleveland Cavaliers

> What can I say about the Cleveland Cavaliers that no one else has already written?  The Cavaliers finished the season with the best record earning 61 victories and 21 losses.  Defeating the Bulls in five games the Cavs were matched up against Boston in the second round.  This series was met with more articles … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Golden State Warriors

> Another forgettable year by the Golden State Warriors as they continued to struggle with injuries and traded disgruntled players, finished with a record of 26 -56 for the 2009-2010 NBA season.  They started the season with trading Stephen Jackson to the Bobcats, arguably their best player.  Their recently re-signed center Andris Biedrins, had an … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Houston Rockets

> The 2009-2010 Houston Rockets were a much different team than the prior season in which they took the Champion Los Angeles Lakers to 7 games in the semifinals.  Last year they still finished above .500 but failed to make the playoffs and entered into the lottery the first time since Rick Adelman got to … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Philadelphia 76ers

> The 2009-2010 Philadelphia 76ers have a rough season that had them finish with 27-55 Record for 3rd worse in the Eastern Conference.  After the seasons result, management had no choice but to change the head coach.  The 76ers went out and grabbed Doug Collins to fill their vacancy.   A recent move last week landed … Continue reading

>On the team with PBT – Minnesota Timberwolves

> Winning only 15 games in a season is not only terrible, it is memorable bad.  If it weren’t for the New Jersey Nets, the Minnesota Timberwolves would be the laughing stock of the league.   Minnesota struggled mightily during the 2009-2010 season with new head coach Kurt Rambis and Phil Jackson’s famous Triangle Offense, even … Continue reading