>More Questions Than Answers Left Behind After the Finals

> Photoshop by Payton Wales This NBA season was brilliant, seriously, just brilliant. It couldn’t have played out better, and not because the Whore of Akron lost in the Finals. Honestly, I would have preferred he lose to the Sixers but that’s just me. This season was about more than LeBron James and the disgusting … Continue reading

>Celtics v. Knicks: Game 4 Preview

> New York — Win or go home! Or, in the case of the Knicks, stay home. The Knicks are coming into this Game 4 facing elimination and with the fresh wounds of a Game 3 drubbing at the hands of Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics. Rondo recorded his sixth postseason triple-double and had … Continue reading

>Ray Allen: Pure As It Gets

> “Jesus,” I exclaim. The name itself carries double meaning here, but we’ll get to that later. “Will someone guard him already?” My frustration is building. “You can’t leave that guy open. Anyone but him!” Not that it would matter if the defender actually closed out on him. It wouldn’t be enough to phase him … Continue reading

>Daily Dribbles

> Kendrick Perkins returned to action Jan. 25 in the Garden. Perkins walked out on the court to a standing ovation from Celtics fans. The return is a little more than a week earlier than Perkins originally stated he would. Perkins finished the night with seven points and six rebounds in 17 minutes of play. … Continue reading

>PBT Podcast Today!

> Show Description: With Jeff from ProjectSpurs on the show to talk about tonight’s Celtics / Spurs game, will Ben “Kez” Kenna be talking trash to support his C’s? Tune in and find out. (Also starring Jacob Noble as Site Creator and JJ Bucklin as Himself.) Time:5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Call-in Number:(914) 338-1288 Site … Continue reading

>Rondo for Olympics

> DALLAS – When Rajon Rondo wasn’t among the 27 names on the roster for the 2010-12 USA men’s basketball team, the perception was Rondo either hadn’t responded to Team USA’s invitation or that he declined. Rondo said he never got a call. “I haven’t spoken to anyone from USA Basketball,’’ Rondo said. “No one’s … Continue reading

>Scalabrine gets a spray tan

> Appearing on The Toucher and Rich Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, Scal, arguably the palest player in the NBA, received a orange spray tan across his entire body, and looked to have enjoyed every minute of it. The TV show hosts made a bet that Scalabrine power forward 250,000 All-Star (write-in) … Continue reading

>Happy 24th Birthday – Rajon Rondo

> Rajon Pierre Rondo (born February 22, 1986) is an American professional basketball player who plays point guard for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Rondo attended Eastern High School and Oak Hill Academy for his high-school basketball career, before receiving a scholarship from the University of Kentucky. … Continue reading

>Nate a Celtic

> He finally gets his wish apparently. The news isn’t “official” but my sources from celtics insider REDSARMY, Stephen A Smith, Realgm, hoopsforum, etc. the deal is basically a done deal. As we still wait to see the final trade details, many believe it is for Eddie House and possibly a draft pick, whether that … Continue reading