>Bozo of the Night

>It has been a while since there has been bozaic activity but luckily the clowns of the Miami Heat decided to be professional and mature.  We are just lucky that the cameras were rolling to catch them acting like fools.  We can see them below mocking Dallas star Dirk Nowitzki, who has been battling the … Continue reading

>Bozos of Basketball: Episode II

>That’s right. PBT had allowed us to come back for another episode of the romp and ruckus that is the Bozos of Basketball podcast. Call in! Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST Call-in Number: 914-338-1288 Description: With the conference finals very much underway it’s long overdue that we hear how the bozos feel about … Continue reading

>The Bozos of Basketball Podcast

> Tonight is the first ever Bozos of Basketball Podcast starring me, JJ Bucklin and the old guy who gets grumpy and puts up posts that have to be taken down, Ben Kenna. We are going to reach down into the dark depths of the NBA that are rarely explored, and pull out pure gold … Continue reading

>Bozo of the Night – 4/11/11

> Speaks for itself. Von Wafer.

>Bozo of the Night – 3/29/11

>The Miami Heat seem to be getting a ridiculous amount of Bozo heat from this site this season, and deservedly so. Is it because we hate them? Maybe a tiny bit. But when you hype yourselves up as much as they did before the season even started and then act like a bunch of Bozos … Continue reading

>Bozo(s) of the Night – 3/18/2011

> I know we are late here, however, AB (Aaron Brooks) gets the bozo award for picking up a one game suspension for this throwing of the basketball at an official.  Now it is hard, because players do that stuff all the time, here the official wasn’t finished with his call.

>Bozo of the Night 3/3/11

> So the Heat blew a 24 point lead last night and lost yet another game to good competition. In my opinion (the only one that matters) the “elite teams” in the NBA excluding the Heat are Boston, L.A. Lakers, Dallas, Orlando, San Antonio and Chicago. The Heat’s record is now 3-9 against those teams … Continue reading

>Bozo Classics – Qyntel Woods

>The Bozo of the Night segments have become very popular here at the PBT over the past few months, but on that fateful day when I chose Darko Milicic as our first ever honored Bozo, I didn’t invent the Bozo. Bozoic activity has always been present in the NBA since the days of old. There … Continue reading

>Bozo of the Night – 2/24/2011

> Has a player ever won more Bozo of the Night awards then Chris Bosh?  Being a Bozo to Chris Bosh is like Rasheed Wallace getting a technical foul.  Last night Bosh was acting like a Bosh when he went 1 for 18 from the field with 7 points in 42 minutes.  That performane alone … Continue reading

>Bozo of the night – 2/23/2011

> Well this is the clear winner despite any awful plays that were made last night.  Just thumbs down here for the equipment manager.  There is no way you mess up your second best player’s jersey right? How do you not know? Don’t they stitch the real jerseys anyways?  To quote one of my favorite … Continue reading