>NBA Unplugged with Larry Coon, CBA Expert

> This week Brian Geltzeiler and Jacob Noble will be breaking down Tuesday’s NBA Lockout with Larry Coon (Twitter ).  We will be breaking down the current issues at hand in the negotiations for the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Larry Coon writes for ESPN, New York Times, and Hoopsworld.  He is also the author of CBA … Continue reading

>Brian Geltzeiler: Thoughts on the Finals

> Editor’s Note:  As always, follow Brian on Twitter and check out his website for all his radio appearances, Website.  He does great stuff all over the country.  You can catch him live every Tuesday on NBA Unplugged. We entered the NBA playoffs with as wide open a field as I can ever remember.  With that said, a … Continue reading

>NBA Unplugged with Bryan Gutierrez

> This week Brian Geltzeiler and Jacob Noble will be celebrating Brian’s correct Finals predictions and how the Dallas Mavericks saved the league with NBA.com’s Bryan Guiterrez, who also happens to write for MavsFastBreak.com.  We will discuss the past 48 hours from the inside as Bryan followed and covered the Mavericks throughout this post season. … Continue reading

>NBA Unplugged with Alex Kennedy

> Our weekly show will be held on Tuesdays from 5pm to 6pm EST, tune in as we discuss everything NBA as we have many guests throughout the show to bring you inside information.  This week, Alex Kennedy from Hoopsworld joins us!NBA Unplugged with Jacob The Hoops Critic 06/06 by ProBasketballTalk | Blog Talk Radio … Continue reading

>NBA Unplugged with Bryan Crawford

>This show continues to improve week by week bringing you the best inside knowledge around the NBA.  This week Jacob Noble and Brian Geltzeiler (@HoopCritic ) spoke with Bryan Crawford from SLAM Online.  We spoke about the Chicago Bulls offensive woes, ideas for match-ups and a way to penetrate that tough Miami Heat defense.  Later, we … Continue reading

>NBA Unplugged Show 5pm EST

>Welcome to a very new and exciting show, called NBA Unplugged with Jacob Noble (theprobasketballtalk) and Brian Geltzeiler (hoopscritic). We will be coming live every Tuesday from 5pm -6pm EST to discuss the NBA indepth. We will also have a mailbog opportunity for our readers and fans to generate questions for the show! We expect … Continue reading

>Saving Private Bryant

>In the last scene of the cinematic classic, Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks’ character is gasping his last breaths as he sits up wounded and dying. He pulls Matt Damon’s character (Private Ryan) and whispers powerfully for Damon to “Earn This”. What he’s earning is a life that he gets to live because some fellow … Continue reading

>If you can’t take the Heat by Brian Geltzeiler

> Its been difficult writing about the NBA this season and not overdoing it about the Miami Heat (or as Chris Webber likes to call them, The Miami Warm…)  And as consumed as the NBA community was with the never ending Carmelo Anthony saga, the most compelling theater of the regular season has been Miami, … Continue reading

>Mouth Wide Open – Brian Geltzeiler

> I was walking through a mall last week with my 7 year old daughter and we came upon one of those picture booths that’s supposed to hold one person.  So, of course, like a cliché, we piled in and took 4 goofy pictures together making different faces in all 4.  The pictures are up … Continue reading

>Rants from a Basketball Lunatic by Brian Geltzeiler

> Rants from a Basketball Lunatic In case you haven’t noticed, the NBA is fun.  However, most people you know don’t sit and watch games scribbling in a notebook like a mental patient.  I’m not like most people.  This column is devoted to the things that I write in said notebook while getting my money’s worth … Continue reading