>Dwight and Derrick Compete For Best Shoe

> By Krystina Lucido Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard compete on the court, in the MVP race and now for who can make the lightest shoe. The adiZero Rose 1.5 and Howard’s SuperBeast, both produced by Adidas, give the players the lift they need on the court without the added weight. Rose’s shoes, all black … Continue reading

>Reflections on the Hawks / Magic Series

>My knee jerk reaction to this series is, “What happened to the Magic?” That’s probably not fair to the Hawks, who with exception to Game 5 played phenomenal basketball for first year head coach Larry Drew, but when you’re the Magic and you get knocked out in the first round just two years removed from … Continue reading

>About Last Night…

>I honestly don’t even know what to write in this post, because I literally have zero idea what happened to the Hawks last night. After Game 4, they looked like they had the puny little Magic in the palm of their big bad strong Hawk claws. It looked as if they had the series won. … Continue reading

>The State of the Magic / Hawks Series

>Dwight Howard is a beast. That is all. I could probably actually just post that and have it be an accurate description of what is going on here, but despite Dwight’s silly numbers let’s not forget that Atlanta won one of those games. This series which stands at 1-1 continues tonight and has once again … Continue reading