>Championships Are Earned In The Finals

> Getty Images – Yahoo There are many hurdles in a track race. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And I could list a billion more clichés here to explain what the series win over Boston means for the Miami Heat and their aspirations for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The series clinching game 5 … Continue reading

>How Do You Like Me Now, A Revenge Story

> They came out flat but indulged in the game and hung around.  Then they tied is late and brought the game to over time, where they ran away with it.  The Miami Heat showed that the way to beat Boston is to outlast them in a game. Their first win in Boston since 2007 … Continue reading

>A Closer Look At Miami’s Number Two

> Every so often life brings us humbling experiences that bring us back down to reality, life will never be great all the time as well as it will never be bad all the time.  This couldn’t be truer for the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics game three. I could break down the actual game … Continue reading

>Miami Heat Show Boston Who’s The Boss

> Getty Images – Yahoo If you are reading this you probably follow the website and hopefully my twitter.  You then know that I wanted to wait until today to analyze, cover, and discuss the game one between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.  I needed to keep emotion out of this because I am … Continue reading

>Let’s get it on!

> Boston Celtics (Covered by Payton Wales) vs Miami Heat (Covered by Jacob Noble Memphis Grizzlies (Covered by Jacob Noble) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (Covered by Ben Kenna) Chicago Bulls (Covered by Ben Kenna) vs Atlanta Hawks (Covered by JJ Bucklin) Los Angeles Lakers (Covered by Payton Wales) vs Dallas Mavericks (Covered by JJ Bucklin)