>ZigSlash’s Ultra Custom PEs Give Terry Championship Lift

>By Krystina Lucido Jason Terry is less than 24 hours into a elite group of championship winners after Dallas’ Game 6 win against Miami in the Finals. And it was only a few short months ago his team was jettisoning for a championship run and his shoes looked like it. Jason Terry’s “Jet Shark” looks … Continue reading

>Daily Dribbles

>http://cdn.springboard.gorillanation.com/storage/xplayer/yo033.swf I know what you’re thinking: Why doesn’t Dirk wear that medallion out in public more often? I would. Why are there doubles of everyone but Nowitzki? Does this mean Cuban is promoting human cloning? Has he already cloned the Mavs? How does this cloning affect the upcoming CBA. Shouldn’t Kanye have interrupted this video … Continue reading