>My letter to Dirk

> Dirk, Drink it in, my friend. Drink it all in, and order another. You are a World Champion. And I am happy for you. While watching your Dallas Mavericks dismantle the mighty Miami Heat, it occurred to me that I may have strayed from your nest. I may have been checking out other birds. … Continue reading

>Bulls Sweep Pacers, According to Ben.

> (1)    CHICAGO BULLS (62-20) VS. (8) INDIANA PACERS  (37-45) The Bulls come in as the heavy favorite, and with good reason.  They handled the season series against Indy 3-1, with MVP favorite Derrick Rose averaging 27 points, 5.8 rebounds and 7 assists in those 4 games, including a 42 point explosion back on March 18th, a game … Continue reading

>Friday Night Predictions – 4/08/2011

> Friday night predictions has been a fun segment here at PBT, as we wind down the season, we decided to do it one last time.  I will let the records and standings fend for themselves. Wizards Bulls Hawks Clippers Lakers Kings vs vs vs vs vs vs Celtics Cavs Pacers Mavericks Blazers Grizzlies Jacob … Continue reading

>Friday Night Predictions – 2/25/2011

> Getty Images Friday night predictions are always a blast, as we didn’t get to do them over the podcast, I had each of them email me their picks.  I thought Tony Parker was hurt? He is he doing putting up 15-8 in 23 minutes, oh yeah, the Heat have no defensive point guard. Raptors Bulls … Continue reading

>Friday Night Predictions – 2/25/2011

> Yahoo- Getty Images Jazz Pistons Suns Kings Wizards Knicks vs vs vs vs vs vs Pacers 76ers Raptors Bobcats Heat Cavs Jacob Pacers 76ers Raptors Kings Heat Knicks JJ Pacers 76ers Suns Kings Heat Knicks Ben Pacers 76ers Suns Kings Heat Cavs Payton Pacers 76ers Suns Kings Heat Knicks Hornets Thunder Nets Hawks Clippers … Continue reading

>Grading the Trades

> Getty Images With all these trades happening, I felt the writers on this site should voice their opinions on the moves, since most of you still aren’t following us on Twitter.  Twitter  has been great but we needed a spot to sum up our thoughts. New York: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncy Billups, Anthony Carter, Shelden … Continue reading


> Steve Francis – 2000 Obviously one of, if not the, most EPIC Slam Dunk Contests ever, Steve Francis was a forgotten fact during the Vince show. But he did put on quite the display, highlighted by this dunk. I know it’s a lob, but the pass was off, so he had to improvise with … Continue reading


> If you’ve been listening to the Podcasts (and judging by the numbers, YOU are), then you know my affinity for everything Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.  While I won’t wax poetic about the glory days of Dominique (who was ROBBED in Chicago), Kenny “Sky” Walker’s epic fade haircut, and the overall brilliance that is Terence … Continue reading

>Ten Things That Would Happen If There Is No NBA Next Season

> With CBA discussions continuing to swirl, upcoming meetings to happen at All-Star break and the possibility of a lockout refusing to disappear, let’s look at what life might be like with if there were no ’11-’12 NBA season for us to enjoy. Here are ten things that are likely to happen: 10. The Cleveland … Continue reading

>Friday Night Predictions

> Yahoo With our Podcast meltdown, we still managed to get our Friday Night Predictions up, although we can’t confirm where Payton was, he did email his predictions, which is probably why he did better than all of us.  Heat Wolves Blazers Knicks Magic Clippers vs vs vs vs vs vs Bobcats Raptors Pacers 76ers … Continue reading