>Lakers Game 2 Preview

>LOS ANGELES — Forget the blame game. It makes no sense to use it here. Although you could use it, if you really wanted. The Lakers squandered a 16-point third-quarter lead. They were seemingly outcoached, ended up with Pau Gasol guarding Dirk Nowitzki on the perimeter while up by 1. One foul and two free … Continue reading

>Los Angeles Lakers: Round 2 Preview

> LOS ANGELES– The Lakers finished off the Hornets rather easily in their first-round matchup. But to hear the critics tell it, they struggled to win the series, 4-2. In the Lakers’ two losses, the Hornets played as close to perfect as a team and a point guard, Chris Paul, can play. And they won … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets Game 5 Recap & Preview

> LOS ANGELES — Asset or Liability. It was the question of the hour when Kobe Bryant took the court with a bad ankle Tuesday night in LA. For about 15 minutes it looked as if he were a liability  and then it happened, early in the second quarter Bryant received a pass from Gasol … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets: Game 5 Preview

> LOS ANGELES —  Game 5. Most Lakers fans would expect this to be an elimination game for the Hornets. Instead, the Lakers enter this game tied 2-2 in the series. The news doesn’t get any easier from there. The Lakers’ main scoring option, Kobe Bryant, has a severe left ankle sprain that occurred in … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets: Game 3 Recap

>NEW ORLEANS — The Hornets came into this game trying to stun the defending champs again. They left with a loss and the realization that their fortunes may have faded in this series. Pau Gasol, the one factor the Hornets had working for them, seems to have found his game again. Gasol, who was still … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets: Game 3 Preview

> So many questions that need answered. The Lakers need to know what’s going on with Pau Gasol. Can they get him back to form? Is he injured? The Hornets need to know if their Game 1 victory was more than just some aberration in a season where they have seen little to no success against the Lakers. The … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets: Game 2 Recap

> The Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets April 20 at the Staples Center in what could only be considered an audition for WWE Tough Enough. The physical scrum, full of leg whips, high elbows, technicals and generally chippy behavior, was ignited in the first quarter when Kobe Bryant, charged with the task … Continue reading

>Playoff Preview – Round 1: Lakers v. Hornets

> Four or five? That’s the question for this series. How long will it take the Lakers to beat the Hornets. The question isn’t if they will win, but how fast can they dispatch them. The Lakers come sputtering into the playoffs and seem to be in disarray. For lack of a better word, the Lakers … Continue reading

>Daily Dribbles

>It’s here my friends. The final day of the regular season. Sad, isn’t it? Makes me want to curl into a ball and sob like a child without his Pound Puppy. And then there is the Lakers’ literal misstep last night. It will be posted in the Dribbles, but honestly, I think you have to … Continue reading

>Daily Dribbles

> Bosh: “Hey, look Dwyane, I can do the Kobe rat … er … woodchuck … er … rabbit … ahh, screw it. I can do the super-intense Kobe face. See “Wade: ‘Yeah Me to Christina, let’s do it as we win.’” — At least that’s what I got from this picture. Less than two … Continue reading