>More Questions Than Answers Left Behind After the Finals

> Photoshop by Payton Wales This NBA season was brilliant, seriously, just brilliant. It couldn’t have played out better, and not because the Whore of Akron lost in the Finals. Honestly, I would have preferred he lose to the Sixers but that’s just me. This season was about more than LeBron James and the disgusting … Continue reading

>Shaq Retires After 19 Years

> Photoshopped by Payton Wales By Krystina Lucido With as much fanfare as Shaquille O’Neal’s 19-year career has been, his retirement June 1 was seemingly the opposite. His tweet was simple: “im retiring Video: http://bit.ly/kvLtE3 #ShaqRetires.” Even the video, a broadcast to his fans that they will no longer see him on the court and … Continue reading

>The Musical Stylings of Daniel Artest

> Basketball and music go together; it’s a perfect marriage of sports and music. Other sports come close, but none are as perfect a match for music as basketball. The individuality mixed with the concept of team, the bravado, the flamboyant style, all a perfect match no matter what genre. This is why the PBT wanted … Continue reading

>Nation of Domination

>So… whoever had the Mavs over the Lakers in a sweep raise your hand. The arms of anyone who reads that sentence had better look like Rajon Rondo’s left one did Saturday night, because nobody predicted this. Of course, with any abnormal happening there are always lessons to be handed out, so what did we … Continue reading

>Up, Up, and Away Teams

>It’s a tough time to be a favored team on your home court these days. Three of the four opening games of this round of the NBA Playoffs have been won by the lower seeded away team. First, the #8 seed Memphis Grizzlies upset the Oklahoma City Thunder. This coming after they beat #1 seed … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets Game 5 Recap & Preview

> LOS ANGELES — Asset or Liability. It was the question of the hour when Kobe Bryant took the court with a bad ankle Tuesday night in LA. For about 15 minutes it looked as if he were a liability  and then it happened, early in the second quarter Bryant received a pass from Gasol … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets: Game 3 Preview

> So many questions that need answered. The Lakers need to know what’s going on with Pau Gasol. Can they get him back to form? Is he injured? The Hornets need to know if their Game 1 victory was more than just some aberration in a season where they have seen little to no success against the Lakers. The … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets: Game 2 Recap

> The Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets April 20 at the Staples Center in what could only be considered an audition for WWE Tough Enough. The physical scrum, full of leg whips, high elbows, technicals and generally chippy behavior, was ignited in the first quarter when Kobe Bryant, charged with the task … Continue reading

>Live Chat- Hornets vs. Lakers Game Two

> http://www4.cbox.ws/box/?boxid=4012622&boxtag=ycm0ew&sec=main http://www4.cbox.ws/box/?boxid=4012622&boxtag=ycm0ew&sec=form

>Western Conference Playoff Preview Podcast

>This baby never got officially posted on the site. It was a great one too. Listen now or miss out on this gold forever!http://www.talkshoe.com/resources/talkshoe/images/swf/lastEpisodePlayer.swf?fileUrl=http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-94076/TS-477547.mp3