>PBT Podcasts are Home!

>The PBT Podcasts have returned to BlogTalkRadio which means that the quality is back to an all time high. Tonight started off with some randomly awesome discussions between Ben Kenna and myself, your host, JJ Bucklin while we waited for our cohorts to arrive and then we moved on to some intense discussions about the … Continue reading

>Mavericks / Blazers Game 2 Live Blog

> 12:20 p.m. Game over man. Game over. Dallas takes it in semi-dominating fashion to my surprise. Dirk has 33 including the last 11 and Kidd has another big one. Mavs up 2-0 but Dirk says it best, “This series is far from over.” 12:14 p.m.: Dirk gets two, makes a big defensive stand, than … Continue reading

>Playoff Preview – Round 1: Lakers v. Hornets

> Four or five? That’s the question for this series. How long will it take the Lakers to beat the Hornets. The question isn’t if they will win, but how fast can they dispatch them. The Lakers come sputtering into the playoffs and seem to be in disarray. For lack of a better word, the Lakers … Continue reading

>NBA Playoff Preview: First Round – #4 Orlando vs. #5 Atlanta

>To many, this is the most intriguing matchup of the first round in the Eastern Conference. To some it’s the most boring. I’m sort of on the fence. But I drew this series fair and square in the PBT playoff lottery so as The Rock says, it doesn’t matter what I think. I’m watching and … Continue reading

>Eastern Conference Playoff Preview Podcast

> After a rocky start and a phony pod, the PBT gang laid out every upcoming Eastern Conference series and added discussions about social network food posts, Spolestra’s stance on Splenda and an upcoming fashion section for the site. A splendid can’t miss pod from Tuesday night. http://www.talkshoe.com/resources/talkshoe/images/swf/lastEpisodePlayer.swf?fileUrl=http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-94076/TS-476454.mp3