>Friday Night Predictions – 2/25/2011

> Yahoo- Getty Images Jazz Pistons Suns Kings Wizards Knicks vs vs vs vs vs vs Pacers 76ers Raptors Bobcats Heat Cavs Jacob Pacers 76ers Raptors Kings Heat Knicks JJ Pacers 76ers Suns Kings Heat Knicks Ben Pacers 76ers Suns Kings Heat Cavs Payton Pacers 76ers Suns Kings Heat Knicks Hornets Thunder Nets Hawks Clippers … Continue reading

>Friday Night Predictions

> Yahoo With our Podcast meltdown, we still managed to get our Friday Night Predictions up, although we can’t confirm where Payton was, he did email his predictions, which is probably why he did better than all of us.  Heat Wolves Blazers Knicks Magic Clippers vs vs vs vs vs vs Bobcats Raptors Pacers 76ers … Continue reading


>We had some techincal issues, and as a result, The Big Bounce podcast as it was explained below was not recorded tonight. The previous post has however been left up due to the stellar picture of Beno Udrih that has been included. In better news, a Friday emergency half hour podcast was recorded on our … Continue reading

>The Big Bounce

>Our self proclaimed award winning podcast will be bouncing from the site full of sell-outs to a new, better, sleeker site with a higher celing and more room for growth. Our first show from TalkShoe.com will be recorded tonight and we couldn’t be more excited for this one, and hopefully several TWO HOUR shows in … Continue reading

>Predicting games are fun

> Nets Grizzlies Bucks Knicks Nuggets Pistons vs vs vs vs vs vs Pacers 76ers Raptors Hawks Cavs Heat Jacob Pacers 76ers Bucks Hawks Nuggets Heat JJ Pacers 76ers Bucks Hawks Nuggets Heat Ben Nets 76ers Bucks Knicks Nuggets Heat Payton Nets Grizz Bucks Hawks Nuggets Pistons Magic Wizards Twolves Celtics Bobcats Kings vs vs … Continue reading

>PBT Podcast Tonight! Melo Mania!

> Show Description: Carmelo isn’t going to New Jersey. Then where is he going? When is he going? Why do we care? More importantly, all the boys are back, hopefully, and JJ, Jacob, Ben, Brian and Payton will be yelling, drinking, debating, predicting, continuing e-mail discussions about Kevin Love and basically running amok all over … Continue reading

>Another Great Podcast

>The Winter Wacky Wednesday Pod was a compete success as all of our Pods always are. We were back to our original three that started this crazy ride we call the PBT Podcast and it produced fantastic results. Cavs suck, Melo is annoying, Manny Harris might have set a bad record, Nash is too good … Continue reading

>Winter Wacky Wednesday Podcast Tonight!!!

> Show Description: All the PBT guys are snowed in, but that won’t stop JJ, Jacob and Kez from predicting winners of tonight’s games like weatherman predicted this blizzard. Is JJ still recovering from another devastating Kings loss? Did Jacob actually have to go to work? Did Kez have all day to drink? Grab some … Continue reading

>Wacky Wednesday Predictions

> As our podcast was a wacky Wednesday edition, we decided to rock some predictions, as Payton has now joined the record keeping.  He won this week, predicting 7 out of 11 games correctly as JJ continues to play Clipper style game predicting.  If you thought the Podcast was wacky, you should seen the email … Continue reading