>Celtics Melting under the Heat

>MIAMI — The final score didn’t reflect the dominance. The Miami Heat simply looked like they wanted it more. The Celtics, on the other hand, looked as though they were completely baffled. Maybe these Celtics thought this was going to be a walk-through. Maybe they really are worse off without Perkins. Or maybe, the Heat are … Continue reading

>Boston Celtics Round 2 Preview

> MIAMI — Anticipation. It perfectly describes every moment leading up to this series, starting all the way back to when LeBron James uttered those famous words: “I’m taking my talents to South Beach.” Those words, immediately followed by a heavy dose of pomp and circumstance by the Miami Heat organization, struck a nerve with … Continue reading

>Celtics v. Knicks: Game 4 Preview

> New York — Win or go home! Or, in the case of the Knicks, stay home. The Knicks are coming into this Game 4 facing elimination and with the fresh wounds of a Game 3 drubbing at the hands of Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics. Rondo recorded his sixth postseason triple-double and had … Continue reading

>Celtics v. Knicks: Game 2 Recap

> BOSTON — The Boston Celtics once again eeked out a win against the New York Knicks, 96-93, in front of a packed Boston Garden on April 19. Coach Doc Rivers said, “we were lucky to win” when asked in postgame interviews. The win came on a go-ahead basket from Kevin Garnett with about 14 … Continue reading

>Playoff Preview -Round 1: Celtics vs. Knicks

> Rivalry. Paul Pierce swears there isn’t one between the Celtics and Knicks. At least not in this decade. There are millions of Knick fans that would argue the opposite. Maybe the Celtics look at the Knicks as lesser mortals, but the Knicks definitely see Boston as a stone-cold enemy. If you don’t believe me, look at their … Continue reading

>Daily Dribbles

> If you missed it this weekend, or you live under a rock, the Cleveland Cavaliers broke their losing streak on Feb. 11 against the Los Angeles Clippers, 126-119 in overtime. The Cavs record-setting streak ended at 26 games. (Cleveland Plain Dealer) It was quite a win, filled with tons of last-second heroics, buzzer beaters, … Continue reading

>Ray Allen: Pure As It Gets

> “Jesus,” I exclaim. The name itself carries double meaning here, but we’ll get to that later. “Will someone guard him already?” My frustration is building. “You can’t leave that guy open. Anyone but him!” Not that it would matter if the defender actually closed out on him. It wouldn’t be enough to phase him … Continue reading