>The Musical Stylings of Daniel Artest

> Basketball and music go together; it’s a perfect marriage of sports and music. Other sports come close, but none are as perfect a match for music as basketball. The individuality mixed with the concept of team, the bravado, the flamboyant style, all a perfect match no matter what genre. This is why the PBT wanted … Continue reading

>Los Angeles Lakers: Round 2 Preview

> LOS ANGELES– The Lakers finished off the Hornets rather easily in their first-round matchup. But to hear the critics tell it, they struggled to win the series, 4-2. In the Lakers’ two losses, the Hornets played as close to perfect as a team and a point guard, Chris Paul, can play. And they won … Continue reading

>Lakers v. Hornets: Game 5 Preview

> LOS ANGELES —  Game 5. Most Lakers fans would expect this to be an elimination game for the Hornets. Instead, the Lakers enter this game tied 2-2 in the series. The news doesn’t get any easier from there. The Lakers’ main scoring option, Kobe Bryant, has a severe left ankle sprain that occurred in … Continue reading