>Looking Around The Corner: Phoenix Suns

> You could argue that the demise of the Phoenix Suns began with the trading of Joe Johnson in 2005. The franchise was coming off its best season in years, Steve Nash had just been named MVP in his first season with the team since they drafted him, Amare and Shawn Marion had just been … Continue reading

>NBA Draft Winners and Losers

> By Josh Levine There were more winners than losers in last night’s draft. When the draft concluded I thought most teams made out well, not too many reached and most went after positions of need verses best available player. The Celtics, Bobcats and Jazz all did well in their slots and the Bucks made … Continue reading

>Looking Around The Corner: Toronto Raptors Offense

> By Josh Levine When Bryan Colangelo was hired as the GM of the Toronto Raptors, he brought with him the idea that the up-tempo purely offensive push-the-ball-constantly system would win NBA championships. Not only has this man been proven wrong over and over, teams like the Spurs, Celtics, Lakers and Mavs have thrown it … Continue reading

>Looking Around The Corner: Stockton and Malone Part 3??

> John Stockton and Karl Malone are widely regarded as the best guard-forward combination in NBA history. They played together for 17 seasons but were never able to hoist that Larry O’Brien Trophy and since they have retired, the Utah Jazz have attempted to replicate this guard-forward combination as their method to success. Their best … Continue reading

>Looking Around The Corner: Kyrie Irving

> Editor’s Note:  Josh Levine will be joining our team as our NBA Draft expert.  He graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst and is an avid follower of all sports, especially Managerial Decisions.  He will keep us posted on all the Draft Prospects before and after the draft. Now that the NBA season has ended, … Continue reading

>Scouting Report: Derrick Rose vs Spurs Feb. 17th, 2011

> Player: Derrick Rose Opponent: San Antonio Sours Date: February 17th, 2011 Player Info Position: PG HT. 6′-3″ Weight: 190lbs #: 1 Season Stats Points 24.5 FG% 44.50% RBS 4.4 AST 8.2 BLK 0.6 STL 1 FT% 83.50% Strengths:                                                            Ability to get anywhere on the court, athletism makes up for his … Continue reading

>Scouting Report: Glen Davis vs Miami Feb. 13th, 2011

> Yahoo – Getty Images Player: Glen Davis Opponent: Miami Heat Date:     February 13th, 2011 Player Info Position: PF HT. 6′-9″ Weight: 289lbs #: 11 Season Stats Points   11.8 FG% 45.80% ORB 1.2 DRB 4 AST 1.3 BLK 0.4 STL 0.9 FT% 75.00% Strengths:            Shot Range improving each year, his quickness compared to … Continue reading

>Scouting Report: Chris Bosh vs Boston Feb. 13th, 2011

> Player:        Chris Bosh Opponent:     Boston Celtics Date:       February 13th, 2011 Player Info            Position:  PF HT:  6′-10″ Weight:  235lbs #:   1 Season Stats            Points            18.2 FG%            49.40% ORB            1.8 DRB            6.3 AST            1.8 BLK            0.7 STL            0.8 FT%            78.90% Strengths: Shot Range, Quick and faster than most PFs, talented offensively Weaknesses: Weight is his biggest weakness, … Continue reading