>The Shaquille O’Neal "Sex Tape" Saga

> The story that can not be missed on our site because we highlight bozaic activity, the Shaquille O’Neal sex tape story is something baffling.  A registered sheriff in many states has gang members as friends, associates or acquaintances?  This story is very confusing on many levels that we have to look step by step. First off, … Continue reading

>Shaq Quote Compilation

> The incomparable Shaquille O’Neal retired from the game of basketball June 1. Although he will certainly not be leaving our lives due to his charismatic personality, celebrity status and the ability to find his way into the public eye at all times, this is still an important day in the history of the NBA. … Continue reading

>Shaq Retires After 19 Years

> Photoshopped by Payton Wales By Krystina Lucido With as much fanfare as Shaquille O’Neal’s 19-year career has been, his retirement June 1 was seemingly the opposite. His tweet was simple: “im retiring Video: http://bit.ly/kvLtE3 #ShaqRetires.” Even the video, a broadcast to his fans that they will no longer see him on the court and … Continue reading