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> @hdubb21:     @Klow7 @rudygay22 is y’all as ready as I am?! Roc Boys!Hdubb21 – Hakim WarrickKlow7 – Kyle LowryRudygay22 – Rudy Gay This is Hakim Warrick telling Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry to get ready for NBA FREE AGENCY 2010, WOOOOOOO!

>Tweet of the Day

> @nickcollison4    Just left toy story. I got donated. RT @Jon_Smith: @nickcollison4 “Collision” at Ballard Goodwill!http://tweetphoto.com/27905240 No Explanation Needed. – PBT

>PBT tweeted by Athletes

> ProBskbllTalk has been tweeted by these athletes  1.     @Shelden Williams 19 tweets 2.     @NBA players 8 tweets 3.     @Wilson Chandler 5 tweets 4.     @Chris Dougey-Roberts 5 tweets 5.     @Michael Stewart 4 tweets 6.     @Reggie Evans 4 tweets 7.     @Charlie Bell 4 tweets 8.     @Marquis Daniels 4 tweets 9.     @Donté Greene 3 tweets 10.   @Julian Wright 3 tweets 11.   @Luis Scola 2 tweets 12.   @Andrew Bogut 2 tweets 13.   @BRANDON JENNINGS 2 tweets 14.   @Chris Taft 2 tweets 15.   @Greg Anthony 2 tweets 16.   @Jason Thompson 2 tweets … Continue reading

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> @RealGranthill33 I’m about to go in for LASIK at Schwartz Laser Center. Maybe it’ll improve my jumpshot Always love a Grant Hill Tweet, but will Lasik help his jump shooting? 

>Live Blog: 2nd Half Celtics vs Lakers Game 2

> 8:41 PM CSTSecond half underway, Pierce and Ray Allen just sitting on the bench with death stares as others shoot around.@russbengtson Ray Allen spent the first half turning threes into water. #jesus!8:45 PM CSTMore Celtic fouls send the Lakers to the Free Throw line to start the second half, I guess this crew is … Continue reading

>Live Blog: 1st Half Celtics vs Lakers Game 2

> This is my second addition of a live blog and again I happen to do it for the Lakers game, this time they are playing the Celtics in Game Two of the Finals. We had a fun blog hosted by Ben for Game One. Quick note, I bet on the Celtics with +6. 6:30 … Continue reading

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> @cdouglasroberts     #JimJoyce told Tonya Harding she couldn’t beat Nancy Kerrigan CDR (Chris Douglas-Roberts) was on fire tonight with his TT, which is basically do synonyms for things that happen, this was my favorite one Chris produced by you need to follow his twitter for pure gold. – PBT

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> @MrJonBrockman   This rubics cube is giving me some serious problems… I’m now obsessed over trying to figure it out! This is what player’s who don’t get any playing time do in the offseason.  Not try to get better, but try to better their skills on the Rubic’s Cube.  Got to love the determination.  Did he … Continue reading

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> @Travis25Outlaw   I’m thinking about filing for unemployment. How much would I get?? Lol! This is a classic post.  I loved everything about the post from an NBA player basically saying his team don’t like him or he doesn’t like his team.  What’s wrong for playing for the Clippers? Better than the Maine Red Claws … Continue reading

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> @mogotti2 Should I eat while I drive? If I haveto do number 2 where should I stop? Lol @mogotti2 – Mo Williams The best part about this tweet is that Mo Williams is driving.  You only drive when you can’t afford to fly or if the driving distance is close, he is traveling 14hrs. … Continue reading