> Click here to purchase We are happy to bring you a special edition of PBT Podcast with most of the crew live in New Jersey to talk all things NBA Draft.  We hope to get the whole team aboard, which is now bigger than ever with the editions of Josh Levine (Twitter) and Krystina Lucido (Twitter)! … Continue reading

>Mock Draft by Brian Geltzeiler

> Editor’s note:  Brian Geltzeiler’s writings can be found at HoopsCritic and follow his twitter at @hoopscritic .  He appears on the weekly podcast of NBA Unplugged , as well as national appearances with Sirius Satelitte Radio and sports stations in various states.                                    … Continue reading

>Looking Around The Corner: Toronto Raptors Offense

> By Josh Levine When Bryan Colangelo was hired as the GM of the Toronto Raptors, he brought with him the idea that the up-tempo purely offensive push-the-ball-constantly system would win NBA championships. Not only has this man been proven wrong over and over, teams like the Spurs, Celtics, Lakers and Mavs have thrown it … Continue reading

>Charles Barkley New Air Max Design Next Spring

> By Krystina Lucido Charles Barkley’s Air Max shoe by Nike has gone through many changes over the years but the latest version of Air Max Barkley, set to release in spring 2012, is a virtually seamless design with three Chicago Bulls-like colorways. The red, black and white choice shoes are cut from a design … Continue reading

>Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala, A Trade Idea

> By Josh Levine There have been a few players signed to monster deals in the last few seasons by the organizations that drafted them, but it never had the feeling of a long term fit. Over the next few days we will chronicle those players and why their current teams need to trade them … Continue reading

>Trade Rumors Breakdown

> With the offseason here, life gets slow for basketball writers. One of the sure things we can always count on is the rumors that swirl come this time. We will help add fuel to the fire but providing a breakdown of all the trade rumors we have been hearing about. I will not dive … Continue reading

>NBA Unplugged with Ryan Feldman, Draft Specialist

> This week Brian Geltzeiler and Jacob Noble will be breaking down Thursday’s NBA Draft in New Jersey with TheHoopsReport, Ryan Feldmen.  We will talk sleepers, over rated players, and what teams should do!  Tune in at 5pm to listen live.  Or you can wait for the Itunes Download. Visit, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/probasketballtalk. Also, PBT will be … Continue reading


>Guess who’s back… back again. JJ’s back… Amundson. That’s right. I’ve been released from my Internet hibernation, A.K.A. cybernation. A lot has happened since my last blog post. The last time my beautiful word choice graced the fine site known as theprobasketballtalk.com instead of a dusty old local newspaper I was spitting straight truth about … Continue reading

>My letter to Dirk

> Dirk, Drink it in, my friend. Drink it all in, and order another. You are a World Champion. And I am happy for you. While watching your Dallas Mavericks dismantle the mighty Miami Heat, it occurred to me that I may have strayed from your nest. I may have been checking out other birds. … Continue reading